Customer Testimonials

DigitalNaukri is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping students from a variety of industries overcome in there professional career by solving the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

Prajwal K Bhat
There commitment, passion, and training was excellent . I had a great start and the speed as well as intensity with which reach out to my customers globally by training program which cover entire digital marketing unbelievable.
Alok Batoria
The team is really awesome, i needed some consultancy on my #Adword certification and got an amazing guidance. Hats off to the trainers, now i am Google certified and got opportunity in one of the renowned MNCs.
Ramya Rangaswamy
Assistant Engineer - Ericsson India Global
This was a very great training. I feel that it related to real-life  sale situations, and I will be able to bring my learning into each sales call.
MIdhun Madhav Mittz
Thank you so much for the great training! For the first time ever I wasn’t nervous going to a customer meeting—I had my plan and knew exactly what I was going to do.
Rajashree Purohit
Senior Executive Officer - ICFAI University
I have attended several marketing training programs, and I enjoyed this one the most. The instructor were very knowledgeable and engaging. I found that the models really work and are of value to me. I will be able to use this in the field to increase my ability to engage my customers and grow my business. Overall, I will be a better communicator.
Prakash Maragannavar
Software Engineer - Aricent
All in all this training was AMAZING!!! The presenters were amazing. They were engaging, timely, and knowledgeable. I will recommend this course to all marketing professionals.
Madhan Kumar
Digital Marketer - Yahoo
The instructor made the course very enjoyable while still providing a lot of useful information. I really enjoyed taking this workshop and would recommend others to do so as well.
Umar Mukthar Mohamed
I really enjoyed taking this course and would recommend others to opt this course as well.